Mission Statement and Values

EMG Consulting’s mission is to provide quality services, based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, directly to clients, families, and stakeholders. We aim to ensure that each individual or organization we work with feels supported and has the resources they need to live or support individuals living happy and fulfilling lives.


Individualization- All our services are completely individualized for each client. This includes service recommendations, goal suggestions, and levels of support.


Quality- We strive to provide the highest quality of services. This process includes ongoing internal audits, meeting accreditation standards, and ongoing continuing education.


Collaboration- We promote a team-based approach to services for each client. This includes an emphasis on ongoing communication with all caregivers and stakeholders involved.


Generalization- All our services are designed to promote generalization across time and environments to ensure long-term success and results.


Growth- We base our achievement on all stakeholders' personal and professional advancement in successfully delivering services.


Compassion- Providing compassionate care is at the forefront of our programming and recommendations. We ensure awareness and acknowledgment of our clients and their family’s needs and experiences.

Programs and Services

EMG Consulting provides quality programming, consultation, training and supervision to those who work with, live with, and are diagnosed with autism and other developmental delays. Our approach is based upon and follows the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Clients and families are individually matched with providers who have specific expertise in their areas of concern or need.

Our mission is to provide highly specialized programming for each client using a family and provider-based team approach.

We believe in multi-faceted assessment, skill building, and goal setting to develop well rounded outcomes. Quality services and the significant outcomes they achieve are two of our key priorities.

We strive to make meaningful changes in the lives of each client and family with whom we work. Our dedicated staff works hard to continue to meet high standards.

We are honored to work with and support all of our families.

On an individual basis, EMG uses a variety of assessment tools to determine what combination of evidence based practices and techniques are appropriate for each client.

These include, but are not limited to:

Statement of non-discrimination:

EMG Consulting is committed to providing inclusive services for all patients and their families. We adhere to strict non-discrimination practices to ensure that everyone receives equal treatment and access to our services. 

EMG Consulting does not discriminate based on:

Race, Color, National Origin, Age, Disability, Sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Marital Status, Religious Affiliation, Genetic Information, Military or Veteran Status, Any other protected characteristic as outlined by applicable laws

This policy applies to all aspects of employment, including:

Recruitment and hiring, Job Training and Development, Promotions and Transfers, Compensation and Benefits, Termination of Employment